[Scribus] Scribus 1.2.1cvs Feature Requests / Bug reports...

Daniel dafreedm
Tue Dec 7 17:59:19 CET 2004


I'm using Scribus 1.2.1cvs, with build date of 26 November 2004 as the
most recent Debian package on Debian testing/sid with a 2.4.26 kernel.

I haven't done DTP since the OLD days using Pagemaker on a Mac SE in
the early 90s, but there's much I like about Scribus.  In fact, I think
it's  a wonderful (and, until now, very much absent) addition to the
Linux graphics applications arsenal.

That being said, the below feature requests and bug reports might help
out.  Please note that I don't mean them to be overwhelming or
otherwise detract from the goodness that Scribus reflects.  Further, I
did NOT check to see if some of them are already present in the bug
tracker, as it required registration, and I generally prefer not to
register for stuff like this.  My apologies if some of them are
duplicated.  So, if they are deemed worthy, maybe someone else will put
them officially in the bug tracker for me.

1. Reset position of zero on rulers

2. Have "zoom-in" automatically zoom in on selected object

3. Automatically enable unique object names
              (otherwise i have to manually rename them when creating
               multiple copies of a given object, which is annoying)

4. Allow multiple different line spacings within given text block
              (the inability to do this has caused me a good deal of
               grief where I have to handle multiple text blocks
               then to do the same thing as one block; I'm surprised
               this is missing, unless I'm missing something)

5. Kern letters at beginning and end of line w/o inserting extra space

6. Kern letters via key stroke without using dialog box

7. Automatically change word spacing
              (rather than manually kerning space between words)

8. Allow for moving end point of either end of line while repositioning
              (otherwise, must sometimes stretch wrong end and then
               move entire line---moderately annoying)

9. Pressing shift while using ruler should force ruler to
              increments of 45degrees

10. Pressing shift while drawing straight line should force
              line to increments of 45degrees
              (mine seems to force it only at 45degrees,
               I can get it to do those,
               but NOT horizontal or vertical lines)

11. Accurate realtime display of text is sporadic
              (it continually disappears, after being temporarily
               covered by dialog boxes or by other text, or even
               just by switching workspaces in window manager,
               making one have to click or move around to recover
               it---VERY VERY annoying)

12. Should be able to clear a selection by clicking outside the
              page boundary (not only elsewhere in the page)

13. Adjust frame to picture size sometimes doesn't work as advertised
              (it has collapsed some of my frames to zero size)

14. Changing properties of picture image shape
              (should allow for setting of pixels per inch (PPI) to
               determine image size in addition to free scaling)

Let me know, please, what folks think of these.  [I'm not subscribed
to list, so please CC: me on replies].

Best wishes, and thanks again for a wonderful application,

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