[Scribus] Scripter and pdf

Kobus Wolvaardt kobuswolf
Mon Dec 6 23:08:47 CET 2004


The new scribus is really looking good. But unfortunately I have a few

I have been trying to get scribus pdf's to work with our printers. There
are two web printing companies that we can print with, but both of their
rips flush scribus pdf's (both pdf 1.3 and 1.4). Have there been any
luck on APS Graphix RIP's (from agfa I think) they run ver 5.3 and 6.


I tried to add a feature to the scripter but think i'm doing something
wrong. I added a new command and hooked it up to the TextFlow variable
in scribus. I was hoping to get a way of telling if a textbox is
overflowing. But I am doing something wrong or Textflow isnt the
variable i'm looking for. Below I include a snippet of the code from

PyObject *scribus_gettextfill1(PyObject *self, PyObject* args)
{ long frik;
  char *Name = "";
  if (!PyArg_ParseTuple(args, "|s", &Name))
   {PyErr_SetString(PyExc_Exception, ERRPARAM +        
    return NULL;
   return NULL;
  PageItem *i = GetUniqueItem(QString(Name));
  if (i->Textflow) // IF TEXTFLOW TRUE MAKE frik=1
  return i != NULL ? PyInt_FromLong(frik) : NULL; //RETURN frik

I also added the command to scriptplugin.cpp. The command works, but
only returns 0's no matter what the state of the text box.

Thanks for all the hard work and the quick responses.

Kobus Wolvaardt

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