[Scribus] czech fonts

Xavier Sala xavier
Mon Dec 6 12:34:30 CET 2004

Louis Desjardins wrote:

> ? (At) 3h18 +0100 5/12/04, Milos Prudek ?crivait (wrote) :
>> Scribus 1.2 compiled from sources fails to display my Czech fonts 
>> correctly.
>> All other applications on my Linux (Mandrake 9.2) system work 
>> perfectly with Czech accented characters.
>> But Scribus displays empty squares instead of some of the accented 
>> characters. This problem does not affect the interface/the menus, 
>> which display perfectly in Czech.
>> Is this a known problem? How can I debug this?
> Hi Milos,
> I get exactly the same problem with French accented letters when I 
> import text in .txt format into a text frame. When I import a .sxw 
> file, all is OK.
> Louis

Same problem with catalan accented letters and too with not standards 
characters like the euro symbol.

I can write it in the story editor with the keyboard, and shows ok, but 
when I return to main screen the symbol becomes a square.

In the other hand, if I inserts the char with "Inser special" it becomes 
a square in the story editor but becomes the correct symbol in the main 

Some fonts don't have this problem. Seems a problem with true type 
fonts... (but not all)


Xavier Sala

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