[Scribus] CVS server Status Resend

Plinnell scribusdocs
Sat Dec 4 13:53:23 CET 2004

On Thursday 02 December 2004 20:35, Paul wrote:
> Hi,
> > >We are working on this furiously.
> > >
> > >Expect it back up within 24 hours max.
> >
> > Love that dedication.
> Glad the service is appreciated. I know it's been down for a while, but
> I am trying to get things working again. The problem is though the
> amount of time I can give over to it. Fear not though, both the website
> and cvs will be up, as Peter has said, by this time tomorrow (with
> luck!)
> Paul
> (server admin, programmer of no fixed code required and generally nice
> bloke)

Hi all,

Some good news.

1) http://www.scribus.net is back up and seems to be working properly. Please 
mail me off list with any brokeness you see, although I have looked over the 
restore pretty carefully. 

2) For those rabid dog users drooling for CVS, I have just posted a fresh 
snapshot of current 1.2.1cvs

You will need libxml2-devel installed to build. This is a new requirement for 
the Open Office Writer and Draw importers.

Direct link: 
Size: 8581539
md5sum: b1681a9d2fb224dd65d7fa621392bde2

Its signed: http://www.scribus.org.uk/downloads/snaps/scribus-1.2.1.sig


The make files have been getting a makeover (no pun intended) and now you must 

make -f Makefile.cvs 

to generate the the makefiles.

HOWEVER, the tarball above has ./configure already set, so just untar and run 
the usual ./configure && make && make install

This is noted for future reference when anoncvs is restored.

3) We are working on finishing restoring anoncvs, but as you can appreciate we 
are *very* security conscious, so we are double and triple checking things.

Some one will post a mailing here, as soon as CVS is 100% operational.

Thanks to Salford's School of Music, we have a much faster, more responsive 
web/cvs server.


(webmaster, docs writer  and generally nice bloke too!)
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