[Scribus] start page number from XY: how?

FIDRICH Robert fidusz
Thu Dec 2 12:52:17 CET 2004

> > > When you create the document theres a first page number. You can also
> > > change this on the Document Setup screen in 1.2.1cvs.
> > 'til then I'll use another solution (12 pages are not too much to solve
> > this problem manually, but in a long term I'd prefer to use autoatic
> > page numberig...)
> Or until you use 1.2.1 :)

1.2.1 ???
I can see only 1.2RC1 on the scribus.net website
How can I download 1.2.1?

Fidusz (FIDRICH Robert)
fidusz at zpok.hu

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