[Scribus] start page number from XY: how?

FIDRICH Robert fidusz
Thu Dec 2 11:44:49 CET 2004

> > Hm, I didn't know that is is possible to chang the first page number if
> > it is under 999. How can I do it?
> When you create the document theres a first page number. You can also change 
> this on the Document Setup screen in 1.2.1cvs.

Thankx for the info!
Unfortunately I ave only the 1.2 buil#28 :(
I am afraid soon or later I'll have to learn how to use cvs...

'til then I'll use another solution (12 pages are not too much to solve
this problem manually, but in a long term I'd prefer to use autoatic
page numberig...)


Fidusz (FIDRICH Robert)
fidusz at zpok.hu

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