[Scribus] Re: Re: Re: Fonts look bad at first with PDF plugin in browser

Alexander Skwar listen
Wed Dec 1 12:16:08 CET 2004

Craig Bradney wrote:
> On Wednesday 01 December 2004 11:46, Alexander Skwar wrote:

>> Hm :( Then, the fonts look very bad and the form takes "ages" to
>> render (~20 to 30 seconds).
>> What does acrobat (the writer) do differently, so that the problem
>> doesn't exist at all there?
> Its the reader not the writer, sorry.

You mean, it's an issue of the reader? Yes, you're right, but with
documents from other writers, the issue doesn't exist. Q: What
does the "official" Adobe Acrobat writer and other writers (like 
ghostscript) do so differently, that the problem doesn't exist
with these writers and the same reader?

Alexander Skwar
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