[Scribus] Re: Fonts look bad at first with PDF plugin in browser

Alexander Skwar listen
Wed Dec 1 08:30:13 CET 2004

Craig Bradney wrote:

> On Tuesday 30 November 2004 16:41, Alexander Skwar wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I created a PDF form with Scribus 1.2. When I view this form in a
>> browser (IE or Firefox, doesn't matter - both on XP), the text first
>> looks horrible:
>> http://www.uploadimages.net/show.php?img=818040_Scribus_PDF_Bad_Fonts.png
>> After some time, the text however looks quite good - it seems like
>> it has loaded the embedded fonts or something.
>> http://www.uploadimages.net/show.php?img=855342_Scribus_PDF_Good_Fonts.png
> Maybe thats what its doing. It looks fine here. The fonts are embedded. Look 
> in Document Properties in Acrobat Reader.

Well, yes, but why does it *only* happen with this Scribus PDF form? I
have *never* seen this behaviour before.

Hm, did you open the PDF with Acrobat 5.0 or 6.0? The behaviour
is present in 6.0 as well, but not as visible. In 5.0, it is very much
visible. And not only on my machine :)

>> Can I somehow improve that, so that the text is rendered directly
>> with the correct font?
> If its is loading over the net, perhaps a faster connection? :)

Not possible. Nothing's faster than localhost :) And if 100 MBit/s
isn't good enough, well.... (No, the 100MBit/s don't have anything
to do with localhost.)

Alexander Skwar
Trouble always comes at the wrong time.

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