[Scribus] Can't import formatted text with "official" Debian package

Martin Costabel costabel
Tue Aug 31 19:04:53 CEST 2004

Craig Ringer wrote:

> This is much the same thing as I had to do for freetype-config recently
> so I could use an updated freetype on an old system (RH8). It might be
> worth making this a general change for all *-config programs. I don't
> see how it's likely to cause problems except in the bizarre case where a
> user has installed an older or broken foo-config somewhere and it's both
> on their path and before a working foo-config on the path.

Plus, it is easy to change one's PATH in case there is a problem, but 
when the PATH is not searched, it is not easy to direct this search via 
environment variables or otherwise without patching files.


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