[Scribus] feature suggestion

Oliver George olivergeorge
Mon Aug 30 03:52:04 CEST 2004

Hi Guys,  

I'd like to offer a suggestion... which I think would make scribus
better than existing products...  Add a "best fit" option to resize
text so that it fits the available area as tightly as possible.  This
feature is missing from many other publishing applications and badly
implemented in others.

In MS Publisher, for example, the best fit option only works on an
unchained text field.  It's not available if you have columns or
chained text fields.

This feature is valuable if you want to generate a nice one page
brochure automatically.  Id like to use scribus behind my website for
"View as PDF" functionality.

Scribus is impressive, keep up the great work.

cheers, Oliver

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