[Scribus] congratulations to the Scribus team for the 1.2 release

Sebastian Röder sebroeder
Sat Aug 28 23:04:42 CEST 2004

It?s done !!!
The stable release of Scribus 1.2 is out and I`d like to thank the devel team 
for there great work in the past 12 month. 

I am on the way with Scribus (and Layout in general) since Scribus 0.9.x and 
if I look back to the days when Scribus crashed permanantly with a 30 pages 
school magazin (after having 90% of the work done) and I finaly had to do the 
whole magazin with OpenOffice in 48 hours....

But that`s history now and with the very improved story editor (was born after 
1.0 release or though) and the great pdf support, it is a very powerful DTP 
program for most tasks.

The last year was very exciting for me, too. I`m in my third Linux year and 
with the Scribus devel team I experienced how powerful the open source 
community is with the possibility to fill bug reports or discuss this or that 
directly with the developer. And I have the first steps in DTP behind me, of 
cause beeing far away from a perfectly skilled publisher. Today, I`m teaching 
young people how to publish there magazins in workshops organized by the 
youth press organizations in Germany.

OK, keep the great work on - I am waiting for the great new features of 
Scribus 1.4 (my favorite: import text from OpenOffice native text documents 
with all the format tags).

The redesign of the homepage looks very nice, too and for sure Franz will find 
many people on aKademy who are very surprised about the quality of Scribus.



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