[Scribus] Installing latest CVS using Fink

Martin Costabel costabel
Thu Aug 26 17:58:34 CEST 2004

Louis Desjardins wrote:

> Good day!
> I successfully installed 1.2RC1 Build-ID 17. August 2004 C-C-T on Mac OS 
> X using Fink (update Fink, then fink update all using Fink Commander). I 
> thought I would automatically get the latest CVS and that it would work 
> in French. But I understand I installed something a little different.

For the French, I think you can either set the environment variable 
LANG=fr_CA or start it with "scribus -lang fr". For the CVS, you cannot 
get this automatically with Fink, you need to do some manual work for it.

> I guess this has something related to a stable/unstable option in Fink 
> but, as I said before, my knowledge of this is very limited (although I 
> learned a bit since the very beginning!).
> Then, can anyone tell me what are the steps to get the latest CVS? and 
> to get the French version to load automatically?

There are instructions somewhere on how to install the CVS version on 
top of Fink. I don't know if they are already published on the web or 
will be published soon. They date from before the 1.2RC1 release, but I 
think they are still valid. If they are nowhere to be found, I can send 
you a copy privately.

> Also, will this crunch the actual version that is installed now?

These instructions use the standard installation procedure of Scribus 
CVS, so they install into /usr/local and don't interfere with the 
version installed from a Fink package. You can have both at the same time.


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