[Scribus] Fwd: PDF exporting (?problem?)

Plinnell scribusdocs
Tue Aug 24 23:58:41 CEST 2004

On Tuesday 24 August 2004 20:32, s20031701 at tuks.co.za wrote:
> hi,
> I'm handling some of the technical aspects of a newspaper and would really
> like to use Scribus.
> My problems are:
> Our printers says the exported pdf gets rejected by their system(could it
> be scribus or is it their fault?).

Handling PDF is highly dependent on how new the PDF engine is. Are you 
exporting PDF 1.3 or 1.4. It could be their RIP is older and has issues with 
some PDF features. 
> I would like to send them a pdf X-3 file but can seem to export to it. From
> the documentation I asume I need an icc profile. (where do I get a generic
> one?)

You need an ICC CMYK printer profile and to disable PDF 1.4 features in the 
Display preferences. 
> Also, our printers say that the pdf should be exported without an icc. Can
> this be right?

Most likely. Only printers who have both a newer RIP and capable of handling 
PDF/X-3 will want embedded profiles. Note PDF/X-3 is the newest and most 
advanced ISO PDF standard.
> They also say they dont like TT fonts and only uses PS1 fonts. If we're
> using times new roman for our text, how do I make the font PS1?

Bunk. This has been a long standing myth in the printing business. *Poor  
quality* True Type fonts do cause problems. I have clients who have used True 
Type fonts for years in a 100% PDF workflow. This is printing a 250k print 4 
color magazine. They only use high quality Bitstream, Agfa Monotype or 
similar fonts.
> Im om MDK 10 official with Scribus 1.2RC1 (mdk default cups, tifflib)
> ghostscript 7.07 and lcms 1.13

Send your printer to: 
for hints on handling Scribus PDF files.

Hope that helps,

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