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Craig Ringer craig
Mon Aug 23 10:05:51 CEST 2004

On Mon, 2004-08-23 at 15:25, Craig Ringer wrote:

> Now, let's see how well 1.2RC1 runs on a P100 thin client...

Answer: shockingly well. There were some delays dragging objects around
due to the quite complex borders being drawn, especially when dragging
imported EPS files. Otherwise, it was pretty snappy.

One bizarre thing is that it ran _faster_ on one of our machines that
hasn't been converted to LTSP4 yet, so it's still running XFree86 3.3 on
a S3 card. Another machine I tested with was running LTSP3 with XFree86
4.1 with an NVidia GeForce4 MX and while it was generally snappier, text
rendering was slower and there was a significant delay whenever a frame
was deselected. The same was true of a machine running LTSP4 with a
reasonable SiS video card and the Xorg server. I've seen this on other
machines with modern displays too, and wouldn't be surprised if it was
RENDER related.

All machines' X sessions were running off a dual Xeon with 2GB of RAM.
Scribus was also executing there, and displaying to the client.

I wouldn't want to use it for serious DTP over remote X (yet), but it's
more than good enough for casual use, opening and printing documents,
etc. With some optimisation work (much of which, I suspect, won't be
remote X specific) it could be realistic to set up a DTP production LTSP

Peter, Craig: The frame deselection issue I wrote about with my first
examination of remote X with scribus-something-ancient is still present,
but nowhere near as bad. There are no longer specific issues with text
frames and text is reasonably snappy (much the same, in fact, as on my
2GHz Athlon desktop with NVidia GeForce4 Ti4800, 1GB RAM and FC1 at


Craig Ringer

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