[Scribus] Pdf screen rulings

Steve Jacobs steve
Sun Aug 22 05:04:37 CEST 2004

Using Scribus 1.2RC1:

I made a pdf which contains grayscale art and some 30% gray type with 
with a custom screen ruling of 80 lpi. When printed via Gsview, the 
result is a 50 lpi halftone. When printed via Acrobat Reader, the result 
is about 140 lpi, which I think is the printer's default.

Using any combination of frequency, angle and dot style seems to produce 
50 lpi and 45 degrees and round dots from Gsview and default printer 
output from Acrobat.

The same layout, exported as pdf without custom printer settings prints 
at 140 lpi with both programs. Printing via Gsview with DITHERPPI=85 
produced the desired 85 line halftone.

Oddly, in all of these tests (including the DITHERPPI=85 one), text got 
screened at a somewhat (maybe 15%) coarser ruling than the graphic.

The printer is an Laserjet 1200 (ps level 2). Acrobat 5.0.9. Gsview 4.6. 
Ghostscript 8.14. I'm not sure how much of this is Scribus behavior and 
how much is my printer's.




Steve Jacobs
Steve Jacobs & Associates
Trinidad, CO US

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