[Scribus] High quality export

Elmar Jobs infonews
Sat Aug 21 13:29:59 CEST 2004


I'm new to this list, so please excuse if this question has already been
answered (though I searched the archive).

The print shop I have to use for a flyer requests the files as Quark or
TIFF (PDF/X3 is no option). So I tried to export my Scribus work as PNG
to convert it to TIFF. The output should have 2900 pixels width (Scribus
1.1) or 350 dpi (1.2 - great work btw). The resulting file did have the
right size but quality was obviously degraded (approx. 50-100 dpi), All
original pictures have the correct resolution.

Is it possible to export in high quality? How?

What is your experience with print shops? What is the best way to bring
your results to print?

Thanks for help


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