[Scribus] Styled text import & v. 1.2

Craig Bradney cbradney
Sat Aug 21 01:16:50 CEST 2004

On Sat, 2004-08-21 at 06:35, Kevin Walzer wrote:
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> Congratulations to the Scribus team on 1.2 coming out. I can't wait to
> see instructions for building it on Fink/OS X. =)
> I'm also very excited about the styled text import. For me, that's the
> major "killer app" feature that Scribus doesn't yet have. A lot of book
> production houses do their editing/styling in a word processor, then
> flow the styled text with style sheets into Quark or InDesign--it's much
> more efficient than editing in the layout program. Even if the text
> import is limited to OpenOffice.org format--which I imagine wouldn't be
> as difficult as supporting MS Word or RTF--that would be more than
> adequate, as OpenOffice Writer could function very nicely as a styled
> text editor. I've used it in this fashion for actual typesetting of some
> of the poetry books I publish--the text formatting is pretty lightweight.

Well, 1.2 probably wont have oo.o import.. but what we have done is
build the underlying interface so its pretty easy to import any text
format. We have come across a Qt XML bug and will probably need to bring
in the support of another XML library, possibly for 1.2.1.

> (Side question: what impact will the new rich text capabilities of Qt 4
> have on Scribus? Has there been any discussion of this?)

No idea really. We have looked at it, but as final Qt4 isnt due for
possibly 6 months to a year???? we just havent really had the time or
the need to go into it.

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