[Scribus] Styled text import & v. 1.2

Kevin Walzer sw
Fri Aug 20 22:35:12 CEST 2004

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Congratulations to the Scribus team on 1.2 coming out. I can't wait to
see instructions for building it on Fink/OS X. =)

I'm also very excited about the styled text import. For me, that's the
major "killer app" feature that Scribus doesn't yet have. A lot of book
production houses do their editing/styling in a word processor, then
flow the styled text with style sheets into Quark or InDesign--it's much
more efficient than editing in the layout program. Even if the text
import is limited to OpenOffice.org format--which I imagine wouldn't be
as difficult as supporting MS Word or RTF--that would be more than
adequate, as OpenOffice Writer could function very nicely as a styled
text editor. I've used it in this fashion for actual typesetting of some
of the poetry books I publish--the text formatting is pretty lightweight.

(Side question: what impact will the new rich text capabilities of Qt 4
have on Scribus? Has there been any discussion of this?)

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