[Scribus] Save as Template problem

Riku Leino Tsoots foom
Fri Aug 20 22:07:42 CEST 2004

blah at pobox.sk wrote:
> I found that when saving new template you must not use
> some characters when filling fields in window that appears.
> Concretely I have wrote in fieldfor colour value 'black & white'
> (without ') and scribus did accepted it but would not show new 
> template when making new document. If I remove '&' character
> all was OK. I guess this character should be escaped
> somehow (and some other characters perhaps)?
> Janko

This will be fixed soon. For now you can use entity references for these 

er:	char:	
&lt; 	< 	less than
&gt; 	> 	greater than
&amp; 	& 	ampersand
&apos; 	' 	apostrophe
&quot; 	" 	quotation mark

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