[Scribus] my first project

Craig Ringer craig
Fri Aug 20 18:23:25 CEST 2004

On Sat, 2004-08-21 at 00:00, Shawn wrote:
> Okay guys, here's the link to my first project using
> Scribus. Please note, it is 18mb. 
> http://trappd.com/inst_formatted1.pdf
> I got an A on the project, and in the class.


Brave to post a link to an 18MB document on a public mailing list,
though. I just hope your server doesn't melt ;-)

I am surprised that the PDF is 18MB though. Is it a very large format or
very high res job? At work, an A3 newspaper page tends to result an a
1.5MB PDF (average - I've seen up to 4MB and as low as 200k). That's for
85lpi printing with colour graphics at ~180dpi and mono at 300dpi.
Admittedly that's not with Scribus - one of the things on my to-do is to
rebuild a few of our pages at work with Scribus for comparison - but I
don't see any reason why Scribus should produce larger files (well,
unless you're placing EPS graphics or PDF files on the page).

Craig Ringer

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