[Scribus] cenon with scribus, anyone?

Kurt Lhotzky kurt.lhotzky
Fri Aug 20 10:57:27 CEST 2004

Maybe it's not the correct thread, and mybe it's known to all on the 
list, nevertheless:

At http://www.accesspdf.com/pdftk/ you can find pdftk, a pdf toolkit 
which offers a wide variety of tools to manipulate PDF-files, including 
the merging of several fieles to one dokument. I used it to create a 
newsletter: The content, rather simple, was created with OpenOffice, the 
cover, more sophisticated, with Scribus. I appended both documents with 
pdftk and sent the file to my copyshop - the output was excellent!

At http://de.geocities.com/dpaehl2004//guipdftk/ you can find a 
graphical frontend - I am not very at ease with it, though I still have 
the "simple-user" approach and still am not to familiar with working in 
the console; but using pdftk in a shell seems to be easier and more 
"logical" for me (but that's a very personal rating, of course!)!

Regards, Kurt

>The only problem with Cenon IMHO is that it's a Gnustep app, so a bit
>difficult to manipulate from other environments.
>However it has some interesting features, one of them is its ability
>to edit PDF files. I've used it couple of times to import some
>graphics from PDF and change some details in the file.
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