[Scribus] Text from database

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Fri Aug 20 03:44:42 CEST 2004

Wayne Maeda wrote:

>What's the best way to import a multi-page database report into Scribus? I've 
>tried exporting from database to postscript file but was not successful in 
>importing it into Scribus; it only loaded the first page, if any at all. Most 
>of the databases I've tried either print the reports directly to the printer 
>or to a postscript file. Is there a way to convert a postscript file to text?
I don't have the answer to this, yet I think it's a feature request in 
the making.
Some kinds of software treat database files as a table, and since 
Scribus has tables, it would seem possible to develop something here.  I 
use postgres, and it has a facility to export to html as well as a plain 
text file.  It might be possible to edit the html output from it without 
a lot of work.  AFAIK it's not especially good at importing from other 
formats.  I don't know what sorts of things OOffice Calc can do.

The more expansive idea here might be for Scribus to have a table in 
which the elements are an array or hash which point to filenames, which 
might be text, images, svg, whatever.  It might be a whole new way of 
doing a repetitive structured DTP file such as a newsletter.

 From its own perspective, Scribus may turn out to be quite the killer app.


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