[Scribus] (no subject)

Martin Costabel costabel
Fri Aug 20 01:32:22 CEST 2004

bart at solozone.com wrote:

> THe following error   
> bart at linux:~> scribus-cvs login
> Logging in to :pserver:anoncvs at ahnews.music.salford.ac.uk:2401/cvs
> CVS password:
> bart at linux:~> scribus-cvs -z3 up Scribus/
> /usr/local/cvsroot: no such repository

The repository is taken from CVS/Repository in the directory you are 
updating. In all of these, you have /usr/local/cvsroot.

You either have to checkout everything anew or run something like the 
following command (one line)

find Scribus -name Repository -o -name Root -exec perl -pi -e 
's|/usr/local/cvsroot|/cvs|g' {} \;


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