[Scribus] python script in scribus

Jacek Kijewski jacek
Wed Aug 18 23:07:29 CEST 2004


I found:

Could you send me an example of the python code, where you set the styles?
I need something like
- import text file
- replace <title1>blablabla</title1> with blablabla formatted as title1
style - and so on (title2, title3, casual text, prices...)

I have a problem with working with text in frames, I usually work with PHP
and python is quite difficult to me...

Your sincerely

Jacek Kijewski

P.S. I installed new scribus (in slack 10 there is problem with right to
directories, I do not know why, but the Scribus directories had -r for
others... - I found this and now it works great) and I hope I could use it
for my normal work. It works well with Polish texts.

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