[Scribus] cvs and website notice

PFJ paul
Fri Aug 13 11:39:41 CEST 2004


For quite a chunk of next Wed am, the server which hosts both
www.scribus.net and www.scribus.org.uk as well as the cvs server will be

I am installing another drive which should mean I can offer (safely!)
anonftp to scribus as well as setting up yum repositories for Fedora
Core users (any anyone else for that matter).

When the server wakes back up, you should not notice anything other than
a speed increase.

I anticipate the operation taking no more than an hour


(Server admin, SMMP, University of Salford)
"If I face my God tomorrow, I can tell Him I am innocent.
I've never harmed anyone. I have cheated no one. 
I have deceived no one. I have hurt no one. 
Except myself. And that He will forgive me." - Hans Holzel
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