[Scribus] CMYK Tiff Import

Kai-Uwe Behrmann ku.b
Tue Aug 10 08:25:35 CEST 2004


I would like to see CinePaint to work together with scribus. CinePaint is
lacking nearly any kind of layout system. So it would be nice (at least
for me) to manipulate, adjust and color separate images in CinePaints
16-bit integer workspace and let scribus do all of the layout, text and
other great stuff. (I only have gimp-print directly working :)

In some hours I like to update to SuSE 9.1 . Is this an recommended
system to develop on scribus?

My target is to work on an tiff reader (writer too if needed) in
scribus, as I do for CinePaint and did for GIMP. With or without color
conversion as You like.

Can someone give me an hint, in which files to start and give me an
roughly hint, which functions to use in scribus to get raster arrays in.
Searching for such things takes very often the most time.

Maybe You have rules for fileloading I should be aware of.


Kai-Uwe Behrmann
                                + imaging developer / panoramas
                                + color management
                                + email :ku.b at gmx.de

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