[Scribus] Bug 203

Wayne Maeda iw
Thu Apr 29 23:30:40 CEST 2004

I've been notified that bug #203 (see below) is not a bug at all but is 
supposed to work that way. 

Here's a simple test: 
1. Create several randomly placed objects (for example, 4 squares). 
2. Group them. 
3. Create a vertical guideline and enable snap to guideline. 
4. Now snap the group of squares to the guidline. 
5. Using the arrow keys, try to move the group away from the guideline. Notice 
that only the objects that do not touch the guideline actually move. The 
object that touches the guideline refuses to move. Also notice that if you 
continue to do this, your original group of objects gets distorted. The 
alignment between objects in the group changes.

Is this how it's supposed to work?

Could anyone verify that this bug exists? I can't believe that this is the way 
this feature is supposed to work.


Summary:                    Snap to Grid/Guidelines too strong
"Snap to Grid or Guidelines" is too strong and interferes with the
alignment of objects in: grouped items, selected groups, and multiple
duplicates, to name a few. The workaround is to turn "Snap to
Guidelines/Grid" off. But this ruins the ability to precisely align
objects and groups of objects.

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