[Scribus] UTF-8 fonts

Jean-Jacques Sarton jj.sarton
Mon Apr 19 17:11:34 CEST 2004


Gregory Pittman schrieb:
> Not exactly a Scribus issue, but on one of my computers as I try to 
> start up Acrobat Reader, I get a message saying "UTF-8 fonts not 
> enabled". I'm not aware of not enabling them or disabling them, and I 
> can't find anything in a web search to help.
> Greg Pittman

This is not a big problem. You can call acroread via a script
which set the LANG variable to en_US instead of en_US.UTF-8
where en_US is to be set according to the language you use.
In order to see this call "echo $LANG" from a terminal.


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