[Scribus] Command Line Interface?

Henning Schröder scribus
Fri Apr 16 02:25:44 CEST 2004


Heinz Ulrich Stille (hus at design-d.de) wrote:

> At the moment I'm using Adobe InDesign (on windows - urgh), PHP and the
> COM interface, which enables me to control the gui from outside.
> With scribus I could integrate my own server inside a python script; I
> would have to re-create all the functions as remote calls, though. Just
> for printing a document to pdf that should not be too much.
Some weeks ago I thought about the same. Actually it is quite simple to
implement. I wrote a small wrapper to export all functions via XMLRPC (see
www.xmlrpc.com for more info).
Then another process (even in another language) could access Scribus.

I attached some code
 * scribusrpc.py
   must be loaded inside Scribus and provides the XMLRPC-server
 * scribus.py 
   is a replacement for the builtin module and connects to the server. A new
   command "disconnect" provides a possibility to close the server
 * scribusrpctest.py is a demo for scribus.py

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