[Scribus] Great job on 1.1.6!

Carol Kankelborg cckborg1
Fri Apr 16 01:40:00 CEST 2004

At 20:44 +0200 4/15/04, Martin Costabel wrote:
>Carol Kankelborg wrote:
>>  Crash reporting was enabled.  I'll spare you the crash log entries from older Scribus versions.
>>Here is the crash log from my crash last night:
>[Run through c++filt, in case anyone else feels like looking. M.C.]
>Thread 0 Crashed:
>> #0   0x00067424 in Page::mouseReleaseEvent(QMouseEvent*)
>> #1   0x00f94b54 in QWidget::event(QEvent*)
>> #2   0x00f262a8 in QApplication::internalNotify(QObject*, QEvent*)
>> #3   0x00f25ab8 in QApplication::notify(QObject*, QEvent*)
>> #4   0x00ed2960 in QETWidget::translateMouseEvent(_XEvent const*)
>> #5   0x00ed0e88 in QApplication::x11ProcessEvent(_XEvent*)
>> #6   0x00ee1778 in QEventLoop::processEvents(unsigned)
>> #7   0x00f34fa0 in QEventLoop::enterLoop()
>> #8   0x00f34e8c in QEventLoop::exec()
>> #9   0x001b735c in mainGui(int, char**)
>> #10  0x001b6fa8 in main
>> #11  0x00002018 in _start (crt.c:267)
>I don't think I want to start looking at this. The function Page::mouseReleaseEvent() has more than 1300 lines. I hope it doesn't happen too frequently. Or is it reproducible?

   Alas, no, it is not reproducible.  I remember being frustrated because I had this text box that
I couldn't type in and couldn't delete and I think in my attempts to get rid of it Scribus crashed. 
I was trying the "delete" key and the "del/backspace" key (I can never remember which one is the
one which normally works :~), and ^X, as well as moving the box around.  I'm not sure I knew what
I had done just before it crashed last night since I was thrashing a bit trying to get rid of this text box.
I also had just scanned in the photos (under OS X) and started gimp 1.2.4 before the crash. 

   I opened the file again today and found that I could delete the problem text box.  I tried recreating
the file from scratch but it is hard to recreate my "wanderings" as I figured out the new version of Scribus
and settled on the final layout. I did discover I cannot delete a "selected" text box when I am in the
text-entry mode (The cursor/hand icon) but I could when the selection mode  (cross-shaped icon)
is selected.  That may have been part of my problem (late) last night. 

  I doubt that is much help.   Thanks for taking a look at things.  I'll try to have more useful information the next time Scribus crashes. 

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