[Scribus] Great job on 1.1.6!

Carol Kankelborg cckborg1
Thu Apr 15 20:15:13 CEST 2004

  Crash reporting was enabled.  I'll spare you the crash log entries from older Scribus versions.
Here is the crash log from my crash last night:

>Date/Time:  2004-04-14 23:20:25 -0600
>OS Version: 10.2.8 (Build 6R73)
>Host:       Isidore.local.
>Command:    scribus
>PID:        863
>Exception:  EXC_BAD_ACCESS (0x0001)
>Codes:      KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE (0x0002) at 0x000000e0
>Thread 0 Crashed:
> #0   0x00067424 in _ZN4Page17mouseReleaseEventEP11QMouseEvent
> #1   0x00f94b54 in _ZN7QWidget5eventEP6QEvent
> #2   0x00f262a8 in _ZN12QApplication14internalNotifyEP7QObjectP6QEvent
> #3   0x00f25ab8 in _ZN12QApplication6notifyEP7QObjectP6QEvent
> #4   0x00ed2960 in _ZN9QETWidget19translateMouseEventEPK7_XEvent
> #5   0x00ed0e88 in _ZN12QApplication15x11ProcessEventEP7_XEvent
> #6   0x00ee1778 in _ZN10QEventLoop13processEventsEj
> #7   0x00f34fa0 in _ZN10QEventLoop9enterLoopEv
> #8   0x00f34e8c in _ZN10QEventLoop4execEv
> #9   0x001b735c in _Z7mainGuiiPPc
> #10  0x001b6fa8 in main
> #11  0x00002018 in _start (crt.c:267)
> #12  0x00001e98 in start
>PPC Thread State:
>  srr0: 0x00067424 srr1: 0x0200f930                vrsave: 0x00000000
>   xer: 0x00000000   lr: 0x00067330  ctr: 0x0117ba24   mq: 0x00000000
>    r0: 0x0000016a   r1: 0xbfffed00   r2: 0x00000248   r3: 0x00952870
>    r4: 0x000000dc   r5: 0x0000015f   r6: 0x00000000   r7: 0x00000000
>    r8: 0x8000016a   r9: 0x0000015e  r10: 0x8000015f  r11: 0x00000057
>   r12: 0x0117ba24  r13: 0x01311cc0  r14: 0x00000000  r15: 0x00000000
>   r16: 0x00000000  r17: 0x00000000  r18: 0x00000001  r19: 0x00000000
>   r20: 0x00000003  r21: 0x00000000  r22: 0xbffff240  r23: 0xbffff3c0
>   r24: 0x00d714c0  r25: 0xbfffed80  r26: 0x00d714e8  r27: 0x00d715c8
>   r28: 0x00000000  r29: 0x00000000  r30: 0xbfffedb0  r31: 0x000661b4


At 19:21 +0200 4/15/04, Martin Costabel wrote:
>Carol Kankelborg wrote:
>>I did have one crash (bus error) while working on this.  Is there some way
>>of gathering information about a crash after the fact that can provide useful information to the
>You will probably find a crash log in the file ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/scribus.crash.log. You can load and display this easiy with the Console.app that you find in /Applications/Utilities. If you don't find the crash log, you might need to activate the CrashReporter in the Console.app.
>Whether the crash log is useful, cannot be said in advance. If it is not just of the form "scribus can't open library: @executable_path/libpng.3.dylib" which speaks for itself, it will probably not tell you much. But I could have a look and at least see if it is something I had seen before. It is a pity that you are not yet running Mac OSX 10.3, it produces much nicer crash logs :-)

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