[Scribus] French Translation

Craig Bradney cbradney
Wed Apr 14 01:04:01 CEST 2004

Hi Louis

> I was going through the cvs log (if anyone wants to know what is efficiency, read this log!) and noticed that there was no recent French translation updates (this explains why my French version is half English, half French!).
> So my question is : do you need help for the French translation? I can certainly help.

As per the Translation tab in Help->About the French translators are:

Michel Briand michelbriand at free.fr
Yves Ceccone yves at yeccoe.org
Nicolas Boos nicolas.boos at wanadoo.fr

Unfortunately, there hasnt been an update for awhile. I'm not sure who
submitted the last update (Franz would probably remember).

We would welcome ANY updates to the translations. We have added a lot of
strings in recent times as we have added a lot of tooltips and theres a
lot of work to be done for all translators.

Nicolas, Yves, Michel, are any of you still wanting to be active
translators for Scribus? or will Louis spend some time on this?

Louis: We dont want to "overrun" someones territory if they consider
themselves to be "the" translator for a particular language, although if
noone replies to this email in a few days, I'd say go for it. Noone is
really officially a translator AT THIS POINT (email from me to come on
that point shortly..) remember this is FOSS.

Its not that the other people will be removed form the contributors
list, but we seriously need updates in many languages and we want to
have 1.2 up to date when we release. Getting the large amount of strings
done that we have added recently would be a great start.


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