[Scribus] Example pub: newsletter and brochure

Susan Hogarth susan
Tue Apr 13 22:57:35 CEST 2004

Thought I'd share my eight-page newsletter with you guys. This is my first
'serious' newsletter project (comes out every two months), and this particular
one is my third one - all done on Scribus. It's finally looking nice enough
that I feel comfortable in sharing :)


It's pretty apparent how it's laid out - in two four-page blocks (2front/2back)
- for the printer. It's printed in B/W so we don't get the cheerful splashes of
color that are apparent in the PDFs. I guess I ought to grayscale the images so
they come out better when printed. When I started we had a 'real' printer who
did all that for me - I just sent the pages as eight separate PDFs and the
images too, and they did all the halftoning and placing the 8.5x11 PDFs on the
11x17 sheets. But now we have a guy who basically (as far as I can tell) runs
them off on a laser printer. I'm getting a 11x17 laser printer myself, I think,
so I can play around with producing the whole thing 'soup to nuts' :)

I was especially pleased with the "Longaberger" advertisment on Page 3,because
laid it all out myself - she sent me a crappy old business card and I clipped
the image out and put together a much nicer 'card' for the paper.

In every issue it seems like a find a new 'toy' in Scribus and overuse it
horribly ;-) This one it is SMALLCAPS :) and I did get a bit carried away with
STRETCHING text.... But I swear it's a big improvement over the first two

I join with others in saying how much I LOVE Scribus, and that it has really
inspired me to do all kinds of things. Here is a brochure I made for Thursday's
Tax Day protest (for you Europeans; that's when we Americans have to file our
income tax returns):


Again, no color (I'm printing these at home), and this version is only to
showcase the brochure - it's printed out two to a 8.5x11 page; the top half of
this page is the 'outside' of the trifold brochure and the bottom is the
'inside'. Each completed sheet is then folded in three and cut in half to
produce two brochure-lets. I love that size! :)

Susan Hogarth

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