[Scribus] Cursor and text selection

ruth moulton ruth
Tue Apr 13 21:48:36 CEST 2004

i too have problems selecting text sometimes, seems to me the problems happen 
most with large font sizes, smaller sizes seem to work ok, and i wonder, 
thinking about it, if it is just very slow to react when the font size is 
large ?

its good to know that work is being done in this area! it's really nice to be 
able to select text to make changes down on the letter or part of a word 

another thing i don't seem to be able to get to work is the use of the 
justification buttons (left, right, centre etc) from the text pane on the 
properties window - any one any ideas ?

thanks for such a good application though, i'm laying out a journal at the 
moment and having fun and success. i'll let the list know when the finished 
article is available for perusal, if anyone is interested, (and of course it 
contains scribus in the credits)

> Hello!
> The overall feeling of Scribus 1.1.6 is a much more achieved program than
> was 1.1.2. There are plenty of features (new and enhanced) that makes the
> program, in my view, outstanding and well worth the detour... and stay!
> There is one thing though I find hard to work with (even after a whole
> week-end working with Scribus). Text selection is somewhat difficult. The
> cursor doesn't seem to react in an absolute manner to the user will. When
> clicking on a line, you find the cursor the line below or above. Selecting
> text is not easy. As this happens both on my Mac and on my Linux station, I
> think it is not platform related.
> Before documenting as a bug, I would like to know what you think about
> that. It is hardly possible this has gone unnoticed. I know it is a very
> good way to get people to have good working habits, forcing users to make
> an extensive use of stylesheet... And I know that the Text Editor exists
> especially for that. But not all tasks can be achieved through the Text
> Editor. So, I think that this area needs improvement!
> Thank you!
> Louis

Ruth Moulton
65 Tetherdown
London N10 1NH

+44 (0)20 8883 5823
ruth at muswell.demon.co.uk

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