[Scribus] enhancement suggestion

linuxlingam linuxlingam
Sun Apr 11 16:08:49 CEST 2004

On Sun, 2004-04-11 at 19:56, Scot Blades wrote:
> I'd like to see a 150% available under View.  200% is so large that I 
> must scroll horizontally.  Actual size is too small, since I've set type 
> sizes for optimal printed output.
> Thank you all for the great work on this program.
> Scot

at the extreme bottom left of the scribus screen you will see a little
hill, and a bigger hill, for zoom out and zoom in. to the left of these,
you have a view factor in percentage. i click inside this field, and
type the exact zoom-factor i need, such as 148% or whatever.

would be real nice if this field though, had a pop-up list of preset
zoom factors as well, rather than just having users to click on the up
and down arrows to increment/decrement by 1%.



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