[Scribus] URW Symbols font problem

kavec at messi.uku.fi kavec
Sat Apr 10 10:48:32 CEST 2004


I really like Scribus and would like to use it to prepare my (scientific)
presentations and posters. For that I very often use Symbols font. 

I downloaded the latest version of urw fonts and added the font path to it in
Scribus-1.1.6. I put a text frame in a plain A4 page and try to use "Standard
symbols L regular" font, but no characters appear while typing. The rest of the
fonts from the library works fine, except Dingbats and Symbols, but I am the
most concerned of Symbols.

I would like to ask if anybody could test the Symbols font from URW it for me
and eventually explain what could be the problem. Ftp link to download the urw


BTW, I could not get to work the Symbols from adobe in Scribus-1.1.6 either,
while the rest of the font library displayed just fine.

The font preview in KDE-3.2 nicely displayed the Symbols from both URW and adobe.

Thanks for help in advance.


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