[Scribus] PageMaker 4.0

Craig Ringer craig
Sat Apr 10 05:08:17 CEST 2004

On Sat, 2004-04-10 at 08:17, Peter Linnell wrote:

> With DTP applications, converting between different applications is not 
> trivial and even the commercial converters are not perfect. DTP files and 
> Pagemaker, in particular, are very complex internally. There is only on 
> application which I know does it well and that is InDesign 2+.

Even InDesign 2's inporter is far from perfect. I've haven't yet managed
to get it to crash on a Quark file (unlike, sadly, Quark), but I've had
it get layering wrong, misposition elements, etc. Given how much work
Adobe put into the importer, I think that says a lot about the
difficulty involved in importing files from DTP apps.

What's funny is that if the big guys ever feel pressured to do a Scribus
importer, it'll probably be dramatically easier than for anything else.
Especially if a DTD is available.

Craig Ringer

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