[Scribus] Distribute/Align bug

Craig Bradney cbradney
Sat Apr 10 00:18:43 CEST 2004

Hi Louis,

> I just posted a bug report on the site. As this is my first attempt, I
> want to make sure that this is how the process is intended to work. Do
> you prefer I write to the list as well as I report the bug to the
> site? I was asked to specify the "severity" of the bug but how do I
> know for sure that this will be considered as such? Do you leave that
> to the opinion of the bug reporter?

Yep, I just saw it come through. What you did was fine. Selecting minor
was "about" correct. Its all a bit general so most bugs are submitted as
a feature, trivial, minor or major. Make a guess as to how bad the issue
is and how much it stops you doing your work. 

> I will wait for your answers before reporting anything else.

Go ahead and report all you see and want that is reasonable. No need to
send it to the mailing list unless you want to spark up some discussion
about ways to fix it or find out more from other people, or you arent
sure if its a bug or your distro/system causing problems. 

In the end, basically, ALL issues are to go through the tracker.
Anything that people report on here I have to put through the tracker
myself as I want it all to go through there and therefore be 100%
tracked. I am going to send out a more detailed message to the list with
regards to the bug tracker soon.

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