[Scribus] Scribus on OS X

Mardigrafe - Louis Desjardins louis_desjardins
Fri Apr 9 17:52:13 CEST 2004

Hello Martin,

>Start it (the X server).

Sorry, I don't even know what this is.

>>>2. Get the file scribus.info from the Fink cvs site at
>>>and put it into the directory created in 1. You may need to use 
>>>"sudo cp" to copy it there, due to permission problems.
>>The URL brings me to a text page where I see your name at the end 
>>but no link to download any file.
>I wrote "get it", not "look at it". The text you were staring at 
>*is* the file scribus.info <slightly exasperated>

Please, be patient with me! I am trying to download the file. I 
reached the page where the file is. I read the instructions.

  The log view displays the revision history of the selected source  
file. For each revision the following information is displayed:
	*	 the revision number (clickable to download it)

I click on the revision number. Only a new html page comes in.
I ctrl-click on the revision number to save the related file to my 
disk : it is an html file!
I look around and click on "download" and a new html page shows up.
Finally, I ctrl-click on this "download" link and I can save the 
"scribus.info" file to my disk.
IMHO, I cannot say the whole behaviour of the download links on that 
page is what an "ordinary user" would expect on the first place (but 
maybe I am wrong?). Nonetheless, I got the file and that's the most 
important. ;-)

As I said previously, I am not at all a programmer. I should've added 
I am not a technician, nor developper either. Just a prepress 

Thanks for the helpful hints. I will try to upgrade to 1.1.6 later on.

Louis Desjardins



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