[Scribus] An Introduction to Imposition

el Sismógrafo , S.L. sismi
Mon Apr 5 09:31:54 CEST 2004

Last weekend I have started an Introduction to Imposition. It is very basic 
and tells more about actual practice (around here) than about theory. The 
document is meant to give programmers an idea of how many printers 
(especially smaller ones) prepare documents for printing in actual practice 
and of how this could actually be made a lot easier through an integrated 
piece of software. 
Some of the info may surprise you as some of it has little to do with what you 
may read in teaching books or sales broshures. 
I am also working on a detailed proposal of how a Scribus plugin may handle 
this task.
I hope to get it on the net until next weekend.

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