[Scribus] The Slogan.

Thomas Zastrow chef
Sun Apr 4 03:56:51 CEST 2004

Hi everybody.

Democracy is difficult.

At first glance it seems not to be a difficult thing - creating a poll for a new slogan for Scribus. But at second glance - it is.

At first I want to say "Sorry" to everybody who sent me an alternative slogan which I not implemented in the poll. I was offline for a few days so that I was not able to read this list.

Specialy to Riko Leino: Sorry again.

But - I would like to do that polling again. Now in two steps:

I would create a form which is a) published on this email-list and b) published everyelse. Everybody can type in there a suggestion for a new slogan.

After some days - or weeks - all the slogans from 1.) will be asigned in a new poll - which one could be like the actual one ... :-)

What do you think???



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