[Scribus] 1.1.4 crashes on suse linux - fixed

ruth moulton ruth
Sun Apr 4 01:37:30 CEST 2004

 Thanks to everyone who sent help with this one, I finally got round to 
sorting it out

to recap - all the versions of scribus in the 1.1.? series, including the 
latest 1.1.6, give a segmentation fault as soon as i start to run them on a 
suse 8 system.

the consesus seemed to point to problems with fonts, in particular the Hershey 
fonts. By much trial and error I managed to find out exactly which fonts on 
my system were causing the crash, and it DID indeed turn out to be the 
Hershey fonts, so i've removed them from the X11 font directory, and scribus 
1.1.6 starts up just fine, i'll be putting it through its paces tomorrow on a 
publication i'm helping to format.

but for those coming after me, the fonts that I deleted were located in
/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/URW - all the files whose name started with 'h' were, 
as far as I could tell, hershey fonts, so they went. The folder was in fact 
linked to /usr/share/ghostscript/fonts, i.e. contained the ghost script 
fonts. so what i've actually done is broken the link, so the hershey's are 
still there for ghostscript to use if needed, and made a new directory URW 
and copied in the unbroken fonts.

to make matters worse these fonts also make Konquerer crash, so it was more 
difficult to find out what they were, and move them around.

I found my way to the X11 fonts directories by using the scribus menu item 

> Ruth,
> > hmm - i'll have to have a look around, feels a little like a
> > needle-in-a-haystak kind of a search!
> What I did was this:
> . install the version of Scribus that comes on SuSE 9
>    and install the appropriate documentation package for
>    Scribus that comes on SuSE 9
>      this was done just to ensure that any
>      pre-reqs that are needed get added
> . uninstall the above two packages
> . install the following packages
>    qt-devel    python-devel    cups-devel    -libart_lgpl-devel
> . do the appropriate configure, make and make install sequence
> As for fonts, well I had the basics that the install procedure
> gave me (I added the 100dpi fonts later on). But then I also
> have ghostscript, LyX, Java, OpenOffice.org and probably
> other things installed as well. I don't know the fontconfig
> system well enough to say whether these things get cached
> as well and... heck, anything I say on this area is pure
> speculation on my part so I'll shut-up about it.
> Hope this info is helpful.
> Rod

Ruth Moulton
65 Tetherdown
London N10 1NH

+44 (0)20 8883 5823
ruth at muswell.demon.co.uk

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