[Scribus] Result of the poll

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sat Apr 3 22:11:47 CEST 2004

Thomas Zastrow wrote:
> Hi folks.
> A new slogan for Scribus - here is the result of the poll which I 
> started some days ago on my website. Please ignore that there is a  
> difference between the numbers in this mail and the result on the 
> website (http://www.thomas-zastrow.de/scribus/slogan/ergebnis.php). 
> Obviously there is a bug in the script for showing the results. Please 
> believe me, this are the correct data:
> OpenSource Desktop Publishing: 11
> Desktop Publishing for everybody: 6
> Free Desktop Publishing: 6
>  From Creative Page-Design to Intelligent PDFs on Linux, Mac, and Win.: 1
> Page-Design Freedom. Personal Desktop Freedom. PDF.: 1
> Publishing and Design Freedom.: 2
> Desktop Publishing On Any Desktop.: 3
> Publishing Inscribed With Freedom.: 3
> True Publishing Freedom.: 3
> Freedom Of the Press in Software.: 1
> I didn't advertised this poll so I think that only the boys and girls of 
> this mailing-list had voted.

Some problems with the poll are the absence of a 'null-hypothesis' -- 
the current slogan wasn't included, and also that there was not a choice 
such as 'None of the above'. This not only affects people such as myself 
who didn't like any of the choices and therefore didn't vote, but also 
those who did vote and chose from what was available (hard to know what 
to do about those who didn't care enough to check out the poll). I also 
presume there was nothing to prevent an individual from voting more than 

There are also more complex issues such as considering that even though 
'OS DTP' came out on top, this represents 11/26 of the votes -- so less 
than half of the voters chose this one. What if the other 15 absolutely 
hate 'OS DTP' and would choose anything BUT 'OS DTP' if they had a choice?

Democracy is difficult.

Greg Pittman

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