[Scribus] Result of the poll

Thomas Zastrow chef
Sat Apr 3 09:19:57 CEST 2004

Hi folks.

A new slogan for Scribus - here is the result of the poll which I 
started some days ago on my website. Please ignore that there is a  
difference between the numbers in this mail and the result on the 
website (http://www.thomas-zastrow.de/scribus/slogan/ergebnis.php). 
Obviously there is a bug in the script for showing the results. Please 
believe me, this are the correct data:

OpenSource Desktop Publishing: 11
Desktop Publishing for everybody: 6
Free Desktop Publishing: 6
 From Creative Page-Design to Intelligent PDFs on Linux, Mac, and Win.: 1
Page-Design Freedom. Personal Desktop Freedom. PDF.: 1
Publishing and Design Freedom.: 2
Desktop Publishing On Any Desktop.: 3
Publishing Inscribed With Freedom.: 3
True Publishing Freedom.: 3
Freedom Of the Press in Software.: 1

I didn't advertised this poll so I think that only the boys and girls of 
this mailing-list had voted.

I think the result is unequivocal, so perhaps we can start doing some 
graphical work ... ;-)



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