[Scribus] saving templates and styles

O. Moskalenko malex
Thu Apr 1 19:05:16 CEST 2004

* William P. Thompson <w.p.thompson at att.net> [2004-03-30 12:02:15 -0500]:

> Downloaded the .deb for 1.2.
> So far it works well, but will not save styles or templates beyond the closing 
> of a document.  Must I save in the scrapbook, or can I save templates and 
> styles separately so they live beyond quitting scribus?
> Bill Thompson

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Scribus templates are saved together with a document they were created
in. They are treated just as any other pages of the document in that
regard. So, to use the template you made in a different document you
have to create a new document and "append" (read "import") the
template(s) from another document to it.

In your new document click on "Edit>Templates>Append>Change" and browse
to the document that contains a template you are interested in. In the
"Import Page Nr:" drop-down menu select the template you want and click
on the "Import" button. You now have copied your template to a new
document. Enjoy the rest.



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