[Scribus] imposition

francesco fantoni francesco
Thu Apr 1 17:26:41 CEST 2004

i do use scribus for making small booklets of my works.
I produce a pdf with Scribus, then turn it to postscript with "pdftops"
and impose it with Dov Grobgeld's "impose+" and "psbl" script.
(it's here: http://imagic.weizmann.ac.il/~dov/freesw/impose+ )
It works fine. For what i can understand it's a set of nice scripts in
perl that can make signatures and impose the results analizing the
actual bounding box of the pdf. It allows you even to have a bit of
control over gutter and margins, choose the size of the paper and the
maximum number of pages per signature.
I know "imposition" is much more than that, but i find it is a nice
script to start with, and for simple saddle-stitched booklets it works
absolutely well (IMHO). Maybe, being simple perl scripts released under
the GPL, they could be used directly in scribus somehow, or can be held
as a reference for someone that wants to defy the task of writing an
imposition plugin.

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