[Scribus] RE: Scribus and Imposition

linuxlingam linuxlingam
Thu Apr 1 13:25:20 CEST 2004

On Thu, 2004-04-01 at 04:56, Alastair Robinson wrote:
> BTW - not having used either, can you explain where presswise and trapwise 
> were deficient?  (Nothing like learning from others' mistakes :))
> All the best,

it was a 'broken' piece of software, imho. its output to film or plate
had registration errors, moire errors, and other critical issues. stuff
to do with its postscript parsing. many such things. imho, it is not
important to dwell on its problems, but to understand deeply what is
really required in such a tool, and then work towards it with a fresh
mind. after all, the domain of imposition is centuries old. all the
underlying technologies such as postscript, are mature.

i also feel we should not consider whether it should be plug-in, a
script, a module, a stand-alone, a fork, (like gimp-film) or whatever,
until a detailed spec sheet is created. that will give us our answer.


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