[Scribus] strange behavior

Servant servants
Thu Apr 1 02:11:51 CEST 2004

I have a document I started in 1.1.5, and having just compiled
1.2cvs, I opened the document and began typing, with similar
problems as before.

I opened the document, clicked on Zoom in or out icon, clicked
on the Select Items icon, clicked on the text frame where I
would input text, clicked Edit contents of frame icon, and began
to type.

The program still does not output the type at the rate I input,
CPU usage close to, if not 100%, procs rise, and there is major
hard drive activity.  If necessary, I can send output of ->
bash-2.05b$ top -d 1 -n 10 -b  > topping

Also, the program somehow changed from the second page to
the first page after I did ->
carriage return, tab, then typed Now t
Very strange behavior.

Help, please.  I'd really like to use Scribus rather than PageMaker,
but this won't work.


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