Colors in 1.1.0 again (Was Re: [Scribus] strange text display)

Martin Costabel costabel
Sun Sep 28 14:00:09 CEST 2003

Peter Linnell wrote:
> I think the new rendering engine is the single best improvement to
> Scribus since its launch and I have been using Scribus since 0.3.7

While this is true for text, there is still the big problem on MacOSX
(and I suspect on other big-endian systems) with wrong screen colors.

How can I debug this? First of all, it would be interesting to see
whether everything works on other big-endian architectures, yellowdog 
linux on the ppc, debian/ppc, sparc linux etc.

Then I would like to know how to find out whether this is scribus'
problem or a problem with my version of libart.

I have managed to find a hack that gives correct colors for filled
rectangles, but I haven't yet found where to tweak the sources to get
correct colors for included pictures. For the filled rectangles,
patching the function art_rgb_fill_run_() in scribus/art_rgb.c by
reversing the byte order in the rgb variable did the trick.

To recall the problem, I made a test file with some arbitrary foto 
imported from a jpg file and put some rectangles underneath whose 
background I set to the main colors. I mad 3 screenshots (170kB jpg) 
comparing various scribus versions (on the right) of this file with the 
Adobe Reader rendering (on the left) of the same file saved as pdf:

1. Scribus-1.0.1: No problem here

2. Scribus-1.1.0: Wrong colors. The foto seems to show the same symptoms 
as the filled rectangles: Red is shown as black and blue and green are 

3. Hacked scribus-1.1.0: In the above-mentioned function, I added the 
following patch (not intended as bugfix, only as a diagnostic tool):
# diff -u scribus/art_rgb.c~ scribus/art_rgb.c
--- scribus/art_rgb.c~  Sat Sep 27 21:54:46 2003
+++ scribus/art_rgb.c   Sun Sep 28 01:48:00 2003
@@ -52,11 +52,12 @@
  art_rgb_fill_run_ (art_u8 *buf, art_u32 rgb, int n)
    int i;
+  art_u32 bgr;
    art_u32 *b = (art_u32 *)buf;

    for (i = 0; i < n; i++)
-    *b = rgb;
+    bgr = ((rgb & 0xff) << 24) | (((rgb >> 8) & 0xff) << 16) | (((rgb 
 >> 16) & 0xff) << 8);
+    *b = bgr;

The result is
The foto is worse, but the filled rectangles are correct now.

Does this help someone to diagnose the problem?


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