[Scribus] A few annoying problems

Carol Kankelborg cckborg1
Thu Sep 25 23:30:37 CEST 2003

I have come across a few annoying problem with scribus and I would 
like to know if there
is a simple way to work around them.  I am coming from a 
word-processing mindset, so
I may just have faulty expectations.

First,  I have a number of lines which are of the following form:

of Performer

I have them set up as a block paragraph style and I put in enough 
dots to push the "Name of Performer"
all the way to the right.  When I quit out of the document and reopen 
it, extra dots are
added to some of these lines, seemingly randomly, so the text on the 
page no longer looks as I want
it to.  Is there some way to keep this from happening?  I can't find 
tabs anywhere in scribus.  Am I
missing them?  Is there some other way to get the same effect other 
than the way I've done it?

Second, if I take a paragraph, assign a style to it, then change some 
of the text in that paragraph,
for instance make it smaller, that change goes away if I reopen the 
Edit Styles dialog, make changes
to a different style, and save.

Related to the above problem, is there some way to include some text 
styling when you
"Get Text" from a text file.  For instance, if I have a book title in 
some text that I want to
put in italics, do I have to "Get" the text then put the book title 
in italics or can I somehow
flag the text beforehand so it is automatically italicized when I 
pull it into Scribus?

Thanks in advance,

Carol Kankelborg                           | There are 10 kinds of 
people: those who
                                                       |  understand 
binary and those who do not.

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